Support ❤️

Tomorrow morning, 9/10, I will be checking in for spinal surgery. The physicians insist that this 3-hour surgery is pretty straight forward for them. However, I hear “L4 decompression” (removal of part of the L4 vertebrae) and L4/L5 Spinal Fusion (screws and brackets), and I get a bit worried. 

Believe me. I trust in my surgeon’s training and skill. I believe I live a healthy life, and that I am in good shape entering this procedure. But what I most worry about is: my boys. I’m concerned over all the little and big ways in which my 4 day hospital absence, and return home with limited abilities for weeks on end — will affect these loves of mine. 

For all of the caring friends who have asked how they can help: here’s the answer. Please take a moment or two from your day to check in with my boys. Ask them how their day is going; listen to their Pokemon tale; inquire about Cal’s progress with the trumpet; find out if they plan to cheer for the Ducks with me at the hospital. 

Please connect with my children, and show them some kindness, love, and attention. I do a lot of that at home, and they might be feeling like that’s a gap left by me for the next few weeks as I heal. 

Also, please connect to my hubby too. He’s going to be so busy caring for these boys, and me, and himself. If you’re in the neighborhood, running to the grocery, maybe check in and see if he needs milk. Or bread. Or root beer (Not your Dad’s kind…!). Juice and I are both notoriously self sufficient. Typically a real strength, but it can make life unnecessarily stressful at times like this. 

So thank you. Thank you for even reading this, but also for being a member of my village. Some of you are friends that have already stood with me during challenges and opportunities; others are parents to the classmates of my children, and our history is more modern; a special few are the HEROS who will keep the wheels turning at Beaverton Dream Dinners. Thank you. I appreciate all your encouragement, care, and love. It is the best. 👏🏻😘